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a second wave

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poetry of love and desire

– passing, moving, loving, expanding

a. rushing into

b. slight

c. no longer feel her

d. the green bike girl

e. the church of women

f. arriving at now

g. the less i say

h. and the return message

i. my dos equis

j. in between

k. no dream

l. the hunger and the beauty

m. a little love poem

n. it’s three o’clock

o. don’t tell me how it ends

p. goddess in a little black dress

q. ready for the yes

r. this very last second of love i have for you

s. an infinite goodbye

t. wet

u. some distant storm

v. please stay gone

w. dark woundings of my own

x. temper the joy

y. a dream undone

z. goodnight and go

aa. up and away

bb. poetic naps

cc. pendulous motion

dd. new entry

ee. where to find me

ff. any muse will do

gg. lost lady madonna

hh. joy or i’m gone

ii. as beautiful as you are

jj. i could fall in love with a dress if it shone in the sun

kk. are you the one who passes by

ll. strength and softness

mm. bella

nn. eager for the game

oo. a late start

pp. of course i think of you

qq. patiently waiting in your absence

rr. organic sweetness

ss. embrace

tt. burning up in prayer

uu. permanent word loss

vv. where you are not

ww. glistening

xx. i am, i can, i will, pause

yy. tiny epiphanies

zz. easy surrender

aaa. take action

bbb. halfway home

ccc. not this perfect morning

ddd. a step towards you

eee. cherish is the word

fff. forgive me if i go poetic

ggg. maybe tomorrow

hhh. fall window

iii. here we are

jjj. sounding in the cold

kkk. almost probably dreaming you

lll. love and what was missing

mmm. a momentary venus

nnn. how do we lose touch

ooo. endless flight

ppp. i can see

qqq. in the flames of future lovers

rrr. before the transformation

sss. imaginary you

ttt. she is late, or missing, or lost

uuu. she overtakes me

vvv. this is not about her

image: JUMP!, creative commons usage

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