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lost lady madonna

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[from a second wave – poetry]

“lady madonna, children at your breast…” – the beatles

at the neighborhood pool
she’s here all the summer
with her bountiful beauty
and rosy-cheeked swimmer
they dance and splash
and cuddle in the shade
a mythic and sacred bond
that we men-folk can only observe
and be fascinated
and hungry ourselves
for such giving of love
and sustenance
in an afternoon reverie
just the two of them
lying on the bright-colored towel
beneath the heavy pecan tree
and light breeze
of course there is no place for me
for us men
in this ritual and rite
we can admire
even swoon
at our voluptuous wives
or, in my case, the wives of someone else
my time has passed
and my child is now here
hitting tennis balls with me
saying she’d like my girlfriend
when i find her
to have a young child
“it would be so cool”
imagining or remembering
the afternoons with the two of them
i never wanted to leave the house
never wanted to leave their side
give up my spot
go to work
miss the cuddles and naps and feedings
but I did
and they stayed in bed
and I returned in the evening
tired and ready to see them again
and sometimes there was dinner
sometimes we phoned it in
because all was surrounding the boy
and the magnificent breasts


image: escoltant musica a la playa, diluvi, creative commons usage

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