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Songs of Divorce

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Songs to help you survive your divorce

Music is the fuel that gets me up, consoles me when I’m down. So why not collect the divorce recovery songs in one place. Sure thing. I have included the YouTube link if available so you have free access to the music, my friend. Most of these songs are available on the YouTube playlist: Divorce Classics – you can stream them back to back.

Classic Rock Classics

  • Hair of the Dog – Nazareth “Now You’re Messin With a Sonofabitch”
  • Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd (Live 8 Reunion) Classic of feeling out of it “you are only coming through in waves, your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying”
  • Stranglehold – Ted Nugent “Got you in a stranglehold baby, you’d best get out of the way”
  • Back in the Saddle – Aerosmith “I’m BAAAAACK!”
  • Idiot Wind – Bob Dylan “I couldn’t believe after all these years, you didn’t know me better than that”
  • Hey Jude – Beatles (a super group performance with McCartney, Sting, Phil Collins, Elton John, Mark Knopfler, & Clapton.
  • Ain’t No Sunshine -Bill Withers (transforming this song by singing it about my lovely daughter)
  • Set Me Free – Patti Smith “Oh God give me something, a reason to live.”
  • Don’t Get Me Wrong – The Pretenders
  • Shot Down in Flames – ACDC “She told me to go to hell, shot down in flames…”
  • Communication Breakdown – Led Zeppelin
  • Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac  “How can I ever change things that I feel…”

Contemporary Hard Rock (I can never turn these up loud enough)

  • Gives You Hell – All-American Rejects “Where’s your picket fence love, where’s your shiny car?”
  • Control – Mutemath “Take control of the atmosphere, there is no better loss than to lose myself in you”
  • **Friend is a Four Letter Word – CAKE “To me coming from you, friend is a four letter word.”
  • Coming Down – The Cult“Dirty wicked girl, who’s soft lips make me swirl, I despise all of your lies”
  • **Gel – Collective Soul “Tell me how you love to hate me” and “Let’s mingle, make it well, come together now, yeah let’s GEL.”
  • The Last High – Dandy Warhols “You were the last high, I ever had…”
  • Playboy In Outer Space – Dada “Be the big man in this small town, try my hand at being cool, drink martinis with the virgins, cash out of the golden rule”
  • CHB – Jet / Cold Hard Bitch “Gonna take a ride, she’s my latest attraction..”
  • Something In Your Mouth – Nickleback [NSFW] (every woman’s least favorite band – and the stripper classic that made them famous at the stripper clubs) “You look so much cuter, with something in your mouth.”
  • Rock Me – Liz Phair “I want you to Rock Me All Night!” and a 2nd one in French HWC – Liz Phair “Give me your hwc.”
  • Mermaid – Self “I gave you all the love I could, but you’re not happy yet… / what do you miss most, the money or me?”
  • Odd One – Sick Puppies “I’d rather focus on anything, except what I’m feeling. // Hey it’s gonna be okay, Hey, we’re gonna laugh at this one day.”
  • Uprising – Muse “They will not force us, they will stop degrading us, they will not control us, we will be victorious.”
  • The Royal We – Silver Sun Pickups “We can laugh about it now, we hope everything works out…”
  • Black Days – Soundgarden “Cause I fell on black days // How would I know that this could be my fate!”
  • Alive – Pearl Jam “Is there something wrong, she said. Of course there is. You’re still alive, she said.”
  • Wish You Well – Bernard Fanning “I just wanna wish you well.”
  • Go Tell the Congregation – Black Crowes “When you want to lose your blues, go tell the congregation.”
  • She’s a River – Simple Minds “She’s the spirit of creation, she’s the last change guarantee.”
  • With Or Without You – U2 “She got me with nothing to win, and nothing left to loose.”
  • How’s It Gonna Be – Third Eye Blind “Where we used to laugh, there’s a shouting match”
  • All Is Said and Done – Vertical Horizon “These aren’t open arms, they’re just waving you away.”
  • Times Like These – Foo Fighters “It’s times like these, you learn to live again…”
  • Are You Gonna Go My Way – Lenny Kravitz “I got to know…”
  • Revelations – Audioslave “Such a shame that I wouldn’t know by now, your revelations, cut me in, I don’t want to live without, your revelations.”
  • Fell On Black Days – Soundgarden “How would I know that this could be my fate.”
  • Never Looking Back – Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band – “I’ve seen all I need to see, don’t want no more of that.”
  • Bad Girlfriend – Theory of a Deadman “She likes to shake her ass, dancing to the beat…”
  • Crazy B*tch – Buckcherry “Hey, You’re crazy b*tch, but you f so good, I’m on top of it.”
  • Broken – Seether with Amy Lee of Evanescence
  • Blurry – Puddle of Mud video of a dad missing his son “Can you take it all away, when you shoved it in my face…”
  • That’s What You Get – Paramore “That’s what you get when you let your heart win.”
  • It’s Been Awhile – Staind “The consequences that I’ve rendered, I stretched myself beyond my means.”

Dark Side – Indie/Emo/Rock

  • **House of Cards – Radiohead (one of the coolest videos ever produced) “I don’t wanna be your friend, I just wanna be your lover”
  • **See You Soon – Coldplay “Well, you lost your trust, and you never should have, no you never should have”
  • **I Loved Everything About You – Parthenon Huxley “I even loved the things I didn’t love about you baby.”
  • Let’s Go To Bed – The Cure “And I don’t care if you don’t, and I don’t feel if you don’t”
  • Letters from the Sky – Civil Twilight “We were made to never fall away…”
  • The Wreckage – Headswim “And I’m clinging to the wreckage, and I’m losing something I’ll never find…”
  • Stop Talking – Darden Smith (my fan video in process)
  • Good to Sea – Pinback “It’s good to see you, It’s good to see you go.”
  • Your Dictionary – XTC “HATE is that how you spell love in your dictionary, KICK pronounced as kind.” and the antidote to that one: Stupidly Happy – XTC “I’m stupidly happy, everything’s fine, I’m stupidly happy, my heart’s pumping wine.”
  • What Is Your Secret – Nada Surf  “I don’t care about you any more… // I don’t think about you, try not to think about you.”
  • **Black Swan – Thom Yorke “I don’t care what the future holds, cause I’m right here and I’m today, with your finger you can touch me.”
  • The Ghost In You – Psychedelic Furs “Inside you, the time moves and she don’t fade, the ghost in you she don’t fade.”
  • Her Morning Elegance – Oren Lavie // one of the most amazing videos of all time / longing captured
  • I Believe She’s Lying – Rhett Miller (Old 97s) “Trust in her to undermine my faith in her in time, I have every confidence that she’ll dismantle mine, given time, it’s a given, given time, it’s a given”
  • Break It Down Again – Tears for Fears “When it’s all mixed up, better break it down, in a world of silence in a world of sound.”
  • Where I Stood – Missy Higgins “I don’t know who I am, who I am without you, all I know is that I should. And I don’t know if I can stand another hand upon you, all I know is that I should…”
  • F**k You – Lili Allen “Fk you, fk you very very much, and we hate what you do and we hate what you do, so please don’t stay in touch.”
  • F**k You – Celo Green “Fk you and Fk her too.” Sign-language performance video
  • The Whole Love – Wilco “I know that I won’t be, the easiest to set free, I know that I won’t be the last, cold captain tied to the mast.”
  • Something’s Always Wrong – Toad the Wet Sprocket “Seems we meet, in the spaces in between, always say, won’t be long, Oh but something’s always wrong.”
  • Blew It – Hans Rotenberry (fr The Shazam) “You missed your opportunity to shine, when you said, “screw it.”)
  • Lullaby – Shawn Mullins “Everything’s gonna be all right, rock a bye.”
  • Tell Her This – Del Amitri “Tell her something in my mind freezes up from time to time”
  • Everything Falls Apart – Dog’s Eye View “I got here, by killing off all my friends, I think I figured it out, my life begins when the fun ends”
  • Soul Meets Body – Death Cab for Cutie “I want to live where soul meets body, and let the sun wrap it’s arms around me.”
  • Hat and Feet – Fountains of Wayne “You dropped a bomb on me, I didn’t even see, like the falling piano from out of a window…”
  • Sick Muse – Metric “Watch out Cupid stuck me with a sickness, pull your little arrows out and let me live my life”
  • Foregone Conclusions – Pedro the Lion “To hear the voice of the spirit, begging you to shut the fk up.”
  • Gone to the Movies – Semisonic “She’s gone to the movies now, and she’s not coming home”
  • Leaving Me Now – Level 42 “I was so sure now I’m so full of doubt”
  • Higher Love – Steve Winwood “Bring me a higher love…”
  • Suddenly I See – KT Tunstall “She loves to leave you hanging on a word”
  • Sick of Myself – Matthew Sweet “I’m beginning to think, maybe you don’t know.”
  • Me Around – Michael Penn “I suppose baby don’t want me around.”
  • **Wise Up – Ammie Mann (Magnolia scenes) “You got what you want, and you can hardly stand it thought, by now you know, it’s not going to stop… ’til you wise up.”
  • **Family Affair – Abra Moore “Where do we begin, at this unhappy ending, where do we begin, after all that’s been done.”
  • Bleeding from a Scratch – Doyle Bramhall 2 “She shares her bed, but she sleeps alone.”
  • Small Blue Thing – Suzanne Vega “Today I am a small blue thing… I am raining down in pieces, I am scattering like light.”
  • Widow’s Walk – Suzanne Vega “It’s not the man but it’s the marriage that was dry.” – an entire album of divorce songs from SV
  • 4 Minutes – Madonna
  • Ready to Start – Arcade Fire “If I was scared, I would/ and if I was bored, you know I would/ and if I was yours’, but I’m not”
  • You Don’t Send Me Any More – Belle and Sebastian “Since you went away everything is looking great/ I’m a little boy”
  • Save Me – Bleu “It’s been a long year, nobody found me, nobody wound me up.”
  • Black Ghost – Gay Dad “Black ghost knows me well.”
  • Iris – Goo Goo Dolls “You can’t fight the tears that ain’t comin/ or the moment of truth in your lies”
  • Television – Sunny Day Real Estate “She’s always around and under my skin, watching her move, how she tells a story, it’s only a dream of lovers and lies, she’s cool and she’s free, like television.”
  • Trusted – Ben Folds “How does it feel to realize, you’re all alone behind your eyes. Seems to me if you can’t trust, you can’t be trusted.”
  • Gonna Get Over You – Sara Bareilles “I’ll be alright, just not tonight.”
  • Somebody That I Used Know – Goyte (cover by Walk Off the Earth)
  • Settle Down – Kimbra “I wanna raise a child, won’t you raise a child with me?”
  • Someone Like You – Adele “Yesterday was the time of our lives…”
  • Fucked Me Right Up – Sean Hayes  “Don’t know if she knows, what it is she’s doin…”
  • Getting Over You – Stephen Bruton
  • She’s My Ride Home – Blue October “We can hide the bodies on the ride home…”
  • I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace “Why do I love you…”
  • I Don’t Apologize – Otherwise “And I don’t apologize for all the times you said I was wrong…”
  • I Miss the Misery – Halestorm “I love the way the it hurts, I don’t miss you miss misery”
  • Cumbersome – Seven Mary Three “I have become cumbersome to this world, I have become cumbersome to my girl.”
  • What If I Was Nothing – All That Remains “What if I was nothing, nothing without you.”
  • This Means War – Avenged Sevenfold “Mental holocaust battle never ends.”

The comments are open, please add yours and I will include them in the next round.

** Of major importance to me.


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