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– a poetic sequence of lust, loss, and heat

a. she is here

b. after the state of getting

c. twist of the hip

d. travel together

e. she believed in kissing

f. i want to know again

g. anticipating the rain with you

h. endless running

i. modern love notes

j. creating believing solo

k. you’re a song i want to sing

l. it’s about time

m. this very moment

n. i believe, i pray, i fly

o. an easy wish

p. peacefully anticipating someone

q. calm cool purrs all around

r. as i imagine

s. magnetic joy

t. i am wrapping pillows

u. and you are alight

v. arriving at any time

w. it’s just desire

x. all the way

y. the song i sing

z. symphony and storm

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