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as i imagine

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[from Making Love To Other Women – poetry]

this is the place I pour out all the things i hope to give
i have lost the receiver
my words and hopes and dreams are vapors
and my own enjoyment is the lonely result

and if she came
and if she awakened
as i imagine

these songs and rhymes would trace a new angle
like the curve of a hip
the redness of a lip, or a smile, or a touch

this is the place i sing to the future
to the moment that must come
with all this chanting and praying
and beating around the bush
surely a quarry will be flushed into the open

and i will be surprised
and she will leap away
and I will pursue

for now this will have to suffice
she is not here
she has not yet arrived
in my field
of vision
but i see her
as clearly as if my life depended
or her life depended on a magical kiss
to tear away the slumber and sadness

this is the place i pause and seek and dance
i await the receiver
to bring flesh to these letters
heart to these imaginings
touch to these fingers

and if she came
and if she awakened
as i imagine


as i imagine

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