Divorce, Single Parenting, Dating, Sex, & Self-Recovery

misconfigurations of love

– things have gotten off track

a. these configurations of we

b. love song for an ex

c. alight with desire

d. the most beautiful woman in the world

e. unanswered

f. burning

g. ready

h. safety is not the issue

i. fall arriving

j. word after word seeking another

k. a glow

l. seeking each moment

m. the slivered moon

n. in the coils

o. eyes to the bottom of the pool

p. sera, sera, sera

q. accidental angels

r. fall and falling and me

s. against beauty

t. afternoon here

u. the beat and beat and pause

v. receding moon

w. imagine this rain

x. brightness of desire

y. let’s pretend nothing sparked

z. shimmer

aa. outside edges

bb. awaiting

more poetry: making love to other women / a coffee love letter / the black pages

girl on a motorcycle - the off parent

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