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let’s pretend nothing sparked

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[from Misconfigurations of Love – poetry]

let's pretend - poem

let’s pretend nothing sparked
and go on about our lives
certain that we know or don’t know
where to go from here
i’ll forget how your smile
made me feel
how I wanted to know your neck
and how, just moments before
you were simply a photograph
i’ll keep my place in line
and try not to imagine you
in the red convertible ahead
in the rain it is easier
but not easy
because i want
i want i want i want
so much
too much
that i am working on ways
to let out the line
and give you running room
and forget myself, even
for a day or so
hoping the signal
the ping, the pull
might arrive down the line
without my jerk
or tug or love poem
i am counting cycles
observing myself as a fisherman
new to the sport
and teachable
so run
and tomorrow
remember how i made you feel
and give a little pull
i promise not to gaff
or pull too hard
i am weaving a net in my spare time
while i am not thinking
of you


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