Divorce, Single Parenting, Dating, Sex, & Self-Recovery

Divorce Training: Dad Losing and Rediscovering the Meaning of Life

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divorced dad's journey

Stinging the Hand that Feeds

Winning the Battle, Losing the War

Me, Dead Beat Dad?

The Good Guy Dad, Reassessing My Dead Beat Status (May 2013)

I Must Be Insane, It’s the End of the World and I Feel Fine (July 2013)

I Am Failing in One Critical Area of Life (Sept 2013)

Tell Me Again, Why You Think This is a Good Idea (Oct. 2013)

Can Things Get Worse? Yes, Easy! (Oct. 2013)

On the Turning Away, Fighting with your Ex About Money (Nov. 2013)

Too Positive, Too Optimistic (March 2014)

Divorce Is Not About What’s Fair, Let’s Get That Straight (June 2014)

Love. War. Divorce: Why I’m Not Fighting My Ex About Custody (June 2014)

Dead Beat Dad Doesn’t Strike Back (June 2014)

Losing Everything in Divorce and Learning to Carry On (June 2014)

My Divorce: A Fearless and Searching Inventory (July 2014)

No Divorce Expert, But if you Parent 50/50 You Should Divorce 50/50 (July 2014)

Terms of Surrender: Our Divorce Papers (July 2014)

Divorce Support for the Children and the Parents (July 2014)

AG’s Office Round Two: Dead Beat Dad – 0, Bank $43,000 (Aug 2014)

The Fk You That Keeps On Giving (August 2014)

What An Angry or Distant Divorced Parent Looks Like (August 2014)

Isn’t Dad’s House Is Also Important In Divorce?

She’s Still Mad at Me

The Divorce Recovery Path: My Journey Back to Joy (part 1)

Everyone Loses In Divorce – What We Can Never Get Back

Fundamental Flaw at the Beginning of My Marriage

It’s the Quiet Time, the Alone Time, the Empty Spaces

We’re All Happy Now, After the Divorce

Is Marriage a Cliché? How Mine Fell Apart Along Party Lines.

This Is Going To Hurt – Divorce With Children

“Another In a Long Series of Disappointments,” she joked.

You Should Go For What Makes You Happy (Divorce Me)

Back to the Beginning: Serenity with Your Coparent

The Blurry Lines Between Divorced Parents: Entitlement & Narcissism

The Best Will Come Out, Eventually… But First This

Texts From the Ex. What’s the Crisis?

My Ex and Her Anger: Give Me a Bullet to Bite On

The Winter of My Discontent: Ex-Partners and Co-Parents

Trusting Your Unreliable Ex

After Divorce w/ Kids: You Won’t Believe How Good It Can Get

When Kids, Money, and Divorce Collide

Confronting God Alone, After Divorce

What I Continue to Misunderstand About My Ex-wife

What You Gave Up On Is Still Shining In Me

I Want To Thank You for the Divorce

Turning the Other Cheek to Your Angry Ex – Because There’s No Other Option

The 5 Laws of Anger in Divorce and Co-Parenting

The Painful Business of Divorce

Your Contempt for Me is Hurting All of Us

The Humans Of Divorce, Dear AG’s Office Special Cases Officer Mr. McK!

And Just As We Reach A Calm Moment

The Problem Always Seemed To Be Me

Beautiful Women and Two Cups of Coffee: How This All Got Started

Flogging the Dead Beat Dad

The Divorce Part You’ll Never Understand: Living Within the Compromise

Giving the Blunt Mom Her Due