Divorce, Single Parenting, Dating, Sex, & Self-Recovery

Divorce Reading List

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Divorce Reading List

So many books in my recovery path. Here is my shortlist for divorce reading.

Make sure you read this from OK Cupid founders: Your Looks and Online Dating (Perceptions of attractiveness men vs women)

Divorce, Kids, Love, Self-discovery, Sex.

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TOP PICK: The 5 Love Languages  by Gary Chapman (if you don’t know your love language, or the love language of your significant other, you’re going to be in trouble. The book I refer to the most as I’m moving into dating again and learning what’s MOST IMPORTANT TO ME: TOUCH.

Divorce is messy business (get the money & anger out of the way and focus on the kids)

Parenting is the New Relationship

What is Love (Redefining what we want in our lives and loves)

Getting to Sex

About Childhood (ours, our parents, and our kids)

How Things Went Wrong  (Attempting to Save Your Marriage)

Pure Escape (keeping your brain engaged can be hard, reading worked well for me)

Depression Resources

** exceptional, must-have, books
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