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Part of getting through the divorce is getting to the moment when you can finally see some of the humor in your situation. Sometimes that comes from talking to others (I highly recommend a marriage recovery group), self-reflection (you are writing, aren’t you?), and sometimes just plain funny stuff. I’m going to build a shortlist of funny videos and resources I found to help me though the times when I was pretty sure I should end it rather than live in this pain. DON’T DO THAT, by the way. Your kids deserve you. And they deserve you happy.

Funnies from Twitter: If she doesn’t kiss you by the 4th date, she’s only in it for the food.

My reach at pure humor: Ferris Beuller Gets a Divorce – My Dad’s Divorce Blog – The Movie

or perhaps Dr. Horrible’s musical style is a better vehicle for this info:

dr. horribles sing along blog as a divorce metaphor

click to see dr. horrible in action

Blogs and Webbie Stuff

Urban Dictionary – Spenda Daddy: A man who strives to be a Sugar Daddy but just doesn’t have the funds to pull it off. She was all excited that she had finally landed a Sugar Daddy until he rolled up in his Accord. It was then she realized she had landed a Splenda Daddy, instead.

Cat Video: Cats In Space

click to view

Adam Sandberg and Company (most are NSFW)

Computer Gaming

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Games:

  • Jetpack Joyride
  • **Scribblenaughts
  • **Doodlejump
  • **Trade Nations
  • Mini-Zombies
  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • **Frenzic (brain training – speed)
PC games (we’re Mac, but these are mostly available on both):
  • **Spore (this game was a hit with both kids, we played together for hours)
  • **Minecraft (this game has so engrossed my son, I think he’s learning programming)
  • Majong Forests (I love playing Majong with my daughter, this is one of the best)
  • Richochet Inifity (breakout on steriods)
  • Snood Deluxe
  • Monarch
  • Fishdom H2O
  • Corner Chaos
Console Games PS3/Wii:
  • **Rockband (wii/ps3) (Beatles Rockband is amazing, kids walking around singing old Beatles songs, is priceless joy)
  • American Idol (wii) Not my favorite but I can really get my kids laughing when I nail a Justin Beiber song
  • Wii Sport (wii) we love the tennis, archery, and flying
  • **Gran Turismo – racing (ps3) my daughter L O V E S racing.
** indispensable games

Video Silliness: Really Mean Girls does The Disney Princesses

You think they a bitches, wait until you see this
click to view


TWITTER FUN: There’s so much great material on Twitter. Perhaps you are not aware that it’s really an entertainment network. Here are a few tags and people to follow to get your Twitterz humming.

Hashtags of Humor



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