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this very moment

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the off parent - poem[from Making Love To Other Women – poetry]

we will return to barcelona

and boats with women
and song and wine
and roses

and each action forward
is an affirmation
this thinking and
won’t get us there
i am an epic moment
waiting to be discovered
as i have discovered

one word to set us free
today the word is marketing
the mantra is social media
and halfway through my solar arc
i am comfortable with my loneliness
and making peace with my dragons
since the slaying strength is long passed

how does this words for dollars thing work?
and why isn’t it word for spirit
more than just a parallel path

i am impatient and hungry
and in this flighting around
casting about
line of fire
i coil
i plan and act
and reset

i can’t see who i will become or be with
but i can stand my ground
stand in this now
and breathe
and bend
and flex

i cannot let my attention off the suppression
for one second
this inner fury
if not vented and freed
can pull down the king
and his kingdom

there is no idle in the waiting
but there are also no preparations
for war
or weddings

and the throwing of lines
hexagrams and monofilament
may not return the nourishment
at this moment

yet the fire must be tended and guarded
and maybe worshipped a little
so as not to be lost
or too freely given
over and over
in the little moments of doubt
the challenge and response
must be offered

thine enemies known and unknown
and future lovers
approaching and leaving
this breaking balance is not easy to maintain
as the belief in the come
seems dim and distant

but beautiful spirits surround
like fireflies
and sisters

i require nothing of you
but the laying down of arms
the laying on of hands
the laying together
that never turns to lying

i ask nothing in return
yes       yes        yes
i promise
this very moment
and. this. one.
is enough to sustain
and stoke
my warm heart


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