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love and what was missing

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[from a second wave – poetry]

i found that note again
the one where i proposed loving
rather than running
the one where i brought
hopefulness and ideas and romance
where was your note
back then, or ever, really
where was your inspiration
as things trended hard
where did you go
i’m thinking this a long time later
as a new winter arrives
and i’m still seeking
someone i love even half as much
but of course that will never do
i had it all
and even as i strived
in the final minutes
to keep our family together
you had already left the building
i just didn’t know yet
but finding this note
reminds me
of how you missed so much
of the love i was offering
the ideas, inspirations
dreams and actions and hopes
i’m not sure
how you didn’t have any to share
or if i was expected to provide
all of the connective tissue
because when the light flickered
you were gone
even as i failed
to identify what was missing


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