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tiny epiphanies

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coffee-love-letters-350[from a second wave – poetry]

i’m certain she smells terrific
as wonderful as she looks
this young exotic and unaware
something from my high school days
i’ve got the scent in my mind
or is that the guy sitting next to me

she’s wonderfully pretty to look at
but the desire is for something else
and still i admire
i poem
i praise

i am looking for my own
a bit more my size and era
it’s wonderful how the heart jumps
at the idea of a woman
and the magic of that attraction
at (nearly) any age

across the room
she is stomping her feet in line
coffee just ahead
before she bolts on
to her day job

this then is a prayer
to god, to beauty and youth
to coffee and sexual desire
and the power to move mountains
start wars
inspire greatness
and tiny epiphanies


image: coffee love letters, 2014 cc

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