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pendulous motion

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[from a second wave – poetry]

today my bed is filled with books of poetry
and speeding tickets
my head is filled with popsicle desires
and the most perfect breasts
i’ve ever seen
how are these things, these collisions
possible in my simple, subdued life
how did we get this far along
before ever mentioning we were starting
and with a quick inhale and push from the wall
we were underwater and overboard
with boobs and hair and rocking back and forth
in an expression of abandon
and sorrow
all in a mater of minutes
and a moment of hold, tighten, release

as i was getting dressed
i couldn’t help but admire
the craftsmanship of the figure
the honing and tapering of the crossfit
hot yoga afternoons and all kinds of other motions

only one mattered at that point
the departure
as we’d not be formally introduced
nor had the time to figure out
sleeping arrangements
or preferences
and the dog needed a walk
and the night air was finally
getting colder
as August
began to give way to fall

and waving from the sidewalk
i was still intoxicated with her smell
and the feeling of her


image: yoga, adifansnet, creative commons usage


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