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when you lose everything, love comes into focus

when you lose everything, love comes into focusLet’s take a new approach. Let’s go after local resident and legend Adrian Grenier and see if we can give him another successful show. Let’s feature Austin, SXSW, ACL, Barton Springs, and Formula 1, all as part of what gives this show gravitas. It’s going to be a must-see on HBO (our first choice), because the heart behind the show is writer and single dad advocate, John McElhenney. (Me.)

How would a tv show bring about real change in the family law that gives dads the old 70/30 shaft and asks us to accept that moms should be given the house, the money, and the kids? That’s the way it was in the ’50s. But the states don’t want to give up the gravy train of child support collections. That’s what makes up 80% of most Attorney General’s budgets. And it’s paid for by the government. The states are incentivized to assign child support to one of the parents and then they make their money based on the “money” they have under management.

If you would like to be an early script reviewer or a pilot test group member, please reach out to me via email here: john.mcelhenney (at) gmail (dot) com.

Enjoy. Blessings.


Ferris Bueller Gets a Divorce – My Dad’s Divorce Blog – The Movie

My Dad’s Divorce Blog ™, a major motion picture in development. (Today I found a link to the original shooting script from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.)

I kid. But I imagine it would make quite a screenplay.

The pitch: “Ferris Bueller gets a divorce.”


Staring as DAD, Matthew Broderick.

dad's divorce blog - a major motion picture

see the Ferris Beuller reprise commercial from Honda.


And his beautiful ex-y, Sarah Jessica Parker (uh, sure, she’s actually married to the guy above – similarities to ex-y acknowledged)

Dad's Divorce - the ex-y played by Sarah Jessica Parker


The ice breaker Felicia Day

My Dad's Divorce Blog - The Movie - Staring Felicia Day

wait… maybe Suzanne Vega would be better

Suzanne Vega LIVE

click for “If You Were In My Movie”


The love interest Mary Louise Parker (I’ll admit I have a thing for dark hair.)

My Dad's divorce blog, staring Mary Louise Parker


Young Son is, of course, played by Justin Beiber.

Dad's Divorce Blog stars Justin Beiber as the Young Son


And Young Daughter is played by Zendaya Coleman from Disney’s Shake It Up, cause we’ve gotta have a Disney tie-in.

Dad's Divorce Blog stars Zandaya Coleman from Disney's Shake It Up


The Med’s Doc in Suite 404 is played by Lawrence Fishburn.

Dad's Divorce Blog stars Samuel L. Jackson as the Med's Doc

“We’re going in without pills this time.”


The Talky Doc is played by Johnny Depp.

Dad's Divorce Blog stars Johnny Depp as the Talky Doc

“And how did that make you feel? Do you know what John Lennon said about his divorce/separation from Yoko? (pause) The separation didn’t work out.”


Liberal, Progressive, Spiritual, mentor, and Methodist Minister is played by Nathan Fillion (the Firefly dude)

The Off Parent Movie - starring Nathan Fillion

“There’s a dark forest, and a lot of sad feelings. Light a fire, or shoot your way out of it.”


And then again, maybe the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog is the better format.

dr. horribles sing along blog as a divorce metaphor

click to see dr. horrible in action

With this much fun, it’s bound to be a hit. Strippers, Online dating. Random sex. Recovery. Parenting. Ex-wives and ex-husbands. Now we just need someone to option the script. Takers?



The Off Parent

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