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Sexy Lingerie Twice In My Marriage: Honeymoon and That One Time…

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I like sexy lingerie, but I never see itShe had packed some very cool lingerie for our honeymoon. The night we spent at the b and b in the French country side was magical. But she could’ve been wearing anything. She’d packed fishnet stockings. I’d never been with a fishnetted girl. It was delicious.

And then…

The next time I remember my ex-y wearing anything matching or sexy was this one time, she came home from work, the kids were engrossed in a tv show of some sort. She had arrived home from work late, the kids were fed. She waved to me from the hall way to the bedroom. She was stripped down to her “matching” panties and bra.

I tore into her with a hunger that surprised us both. It must’ve been the reaction she was hoping for. We had marvelous sex.

And then…

Even though we talked about how mutually satisfying our lovemaking had been, she never tried for a repeat performance. I couldn’t figure it out for a while. And the question of why had this never happened before was also on my mind. But I didn’t ask.

Well, I did ask (often)  for another shot at my hot and lusty wife. But she never returned.


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