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not yet here (a poem)

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i’ve moved to another planet
away and out
my head
for this moment
silent in contemplation of my love
my life
my path forward

nothing is certain
futures are for fortune tellers
not for poets and singers
as i lean into the new curves
of country roads
that high beams don’t pierce
as gravel spits up beneath my wheels
i cannot slow to the speed limit
as i press into the seat
against my fear
against the door
pressures of this new flight path

my co-pilot is still missing in action
awaiting the all-clear
listening for some true calling
some push out of the pause
and into a freefall of desire
and winter fires
under heavy blankets
seeking a home within a home
this is my beginning
this is an ending of a long journey
an arrival
a heartbreaking moment of joy
and ghosts

no moment is more important than the next
and my heart is aching for the fine edge
the razor of desire
has wreaked loss
and dark nights of the soul
winding down to the dead-end street
of this love
restless and ready
beside someone
not yet here


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