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thin white line (a poem)

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a razor-thin white line
of my accelerated life
this night provides data
but no answer is clear
no winner
no smashed siren
so lovely and reposed among the mossy rocks
i swim to cool my jets
and sleep with the fan on
swirling dreams each night
oh loneliness
what is thy sting?
this emptiness
becomes a meditation
a bowl of valentine hearts
given freely
no goals or immediate gratification
the slow thrust
tests all of my senses
keeping my words
my voice
low and smooth
in a sacred prayer
of non-attachment
i let you go
each minute
of each day
and reach for your hand
on inhale
blow you a kiss goodbye
on exhale
the night is long
and kisses are distant
and this is my perfect
aching for my lover lost at sea


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