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Tale of Two Ladies; The Dichotomy of Priorities (beauty vs brains)

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Yin and Yang - Two WomenSitting at Whole Foods in Austin, Texas I am watching a very attractive, very slim, tan, fit, in black running shorts and a black running bra-thing, checking out at the register across from my table. I cannot help but look at her. She is pretty. She exudes confidence. She is playful with the cashier.

She buys bubbly water (a fetish of mine), and Dos Equis Amber (my favorite), and flowers (of course she’s into zen). And flashing a very well-crafted smile, she and her running shoes and long brown legs are gone. A vision.


Next girl sits down at a table across from me. She’s in some kind of organic skirt, earthtones and softness, she has un-kept hair pulled up in a bun, she’s wearing a wrinkled t-shirt, she pulls out Octavio Paz (my favorite Spanish poet).


I have learned that I can fall in love with bodies quite easily. My ache for affectionate touch is palpable. And there are an infinite variety of bodies that I can fall in love with. I am not stuck on a type or a style. And, as these chemistry things go, I will know it when I see it.

I was not in love with either women. But I am pretty sure that the runner was a bit too aware of how much hotness she was projecting. Those kind of beauties have always been a problem in my experience. I’m going to go with Paz.

Brains trump beauty every time in the movie of my next relationship.


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