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travel together

bringing your own train

[from Making Love To Other Women – poetry]

when she trained her blue eyes on me and asked

“are you checking me out?”
i knew i had been snagged
at a game i most definitely wanted to be caught at
and she smiled


she wanted to know how she’d done
and her eyes matched her blue shirt
and her smile revved the tempo of my heart
for a beat

“you did quite well, i mean…”

the words are not what escaped me
i paused to slow down and savor the moment

“i was”

and though there was distance and a table between us
we were pressed as close together as we’d ever been
“i’ve discovered that adoration is what grows
over time… and that may be what love is for me…


“and were you checking me out?”
“not when you first arrived…
not until I saw that you were checking me out…”
guide rails: physical touch and emotional depth
unexplainable chemistry: “I could look at you forever”

and when all concepts and frameworks fail
develops the opportunity
to travel together



Your New Matches: Online Dating and the Big Miss

How to get online dating rightHow can you just tell by the name or the age of the person what your eHarmony “matches” are going to be like?

The under 37s are almost all going to seem too young. Or so hot that I’m going to be too old. And the odd names usually mean ethnic (not necessarily a bad thing).

And then the spammy craigslist stuff just gets to the details, blonde, great tits, petite. WHATEVER!

I am learning more and more, as I merely look around, that I am an everything man. I’m not looking for a type. I’m looking for a spark. And that spark can come from any hair color, any body type, and any name. But where it doesn’t come from, for the most part is ONLINE>>>.


The Off Parent

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