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Children and Divorce Statistics 2015

When you have children everything changes. The consequences of your divorce become much larger. And now you have their lives to consider as well.




And while it’s not always a good idea to stay together for the children, there are some aspects of that responsibility that can keep couples “working on their marriage” in an effort to provide a stable home for their children. And even if they decide to divorce, often that counseling can help both the parents and the children to be open and honest about the divorce when it happens.





Where you live can have some effect on your decision to stay married. There can be a permissive attitude when a close friend gets divorced and survives the experience.




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And a few more numbers for your consideration.

Divorce Statistics Infographic – The Low Down About Divorce in 2013

Broken Unions - The Divorce Statistics Infographic

Click on either graphic to get a look at the full version. Amazing and illuminating numbers about modern day divorce rate in the U.S.

Divorce Statistics - 2013 Infographic

Click to view the full infographic

The several items that slapped me in the proverbial face were:

  • 65% of all U.S. divorces are initiated by women
  • Annually, 115,000 women lose health insurance due to divorce
  • State with the highest rate of Divorce: Nevada (bet you could’ve guessed that one)
  • The average first marriage lasts 8 years.

How long did your marriage last? Who initiated the divorce? What were your biggest concerns about getting divorced?

Grab the full infographic here: Divorce Statistics 2013 Infographic (this information was not paid for by The Off Parent, nor is this site sponsored by insurancequotes.com, this information is provided free of charge, for the price of a link.)

And if you have any answers or observations on those stats please post them in the comments.


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