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after the state of getting

[from Making Love To Other Women – poetry]

she had the most beautiful shoes i’d ever seen
and she stepped out of them like a fragile animal
on alert
she had arrived ready
she knew what she wanted
fear and excitement can seem as the same

in this moment, there was no mistaking
the flutter from the fever
there would be no flight
except into the snare of my lips
and bed and

knowing, wanting, and getting
are very different states
in the state of getting
the little black dress was simple and sexy
and expendable

any description here would break the spell
spoil the mystery
and the mysterious sacred journey of lovemaking

as she was putting the beautiful shoes back on
i couldn’t help but watch
the snare released, the quarry smiling and unhurried
her pretty legs now moving with a new tremor
released, relaxed, satisfied for a brief moment
we were together
we are not

and the afternoon becomes a wash

memories and smells overwhelm all obligations
in my daydream stare out the window
i notice movement in the grass
and notice my sleepiness
i return to the bed


sexy beautiful shoes - the off parent