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she surrounds me now

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[from strange horizons poems]

i’m going to sit here until i believe again
in honey and yogurt and girls
i’ve got plenty of italian bubbly water
with a hint of lemon
and wifi and a plug
so i’m good
but of course i’m not good
i had this moment
where everything came together
and love and god and everything appeared right
and now what, now where is everyone who loves me
in this passing throng there is love
in the eyes and patchouli laden scarves there is hope
might be nearby
she is probably puttering along somewhere
not to far away
i hope she is happy
but not too happy, i hope she’s looking for
an ache of joyous proportions
that might bring us together
as the next year has dawned
and the rain has stopped
and even the chill has pulled back for a perfect night
and i’m here
something sinful
chocolate or
i don’t know
it’s not some *thing* i want
it’s her
i can see pieces of her
as the happy couples stride by
shining eyes
a smile and a laugh with arms hooked together
oh sure
i’ve known love
and birth
and death
i’ve felt it all
and tried to leave tiny trails of words or songs behind
so i might pick up the pieces at a later time
as if
even as i had it
i was aware that it could be
and it was

something has survived
an idea
a hopefulness
i’ve always come back to every situation
on the flip side
opening up
attempting the repair
and tonight
i suppose
that peace needs to be made with myself
and the heart that beacons and beats
in some rhythmic cadence
of verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus out
in two and a half minutes
i can make you fall in love
the hope, is with me, but i’m not picky
nor hopelessly romantic
far from it
the passionate vibes are being broadcast on all channels
laser hot and direct
only… there’s no focus
at the minute
at this minute
i am not tracking well
i claim to be listening, but i’m preoccupied with something else
a downward glance at myself
and the ideal i have in mind
i’m more flexible with her
she could come in many variations
i see that here, tonight
i have vast tastes in women
imaginary women, that is
up close i tend to overestimate beauty
or is it underestimate
i’m more joy-driven
more aligned with a spark of creativity
and flash of brilliance
and even in these words
i refind my path forward
she’s around
and busy with something else
at the moment
me too


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