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In Love With the Idea of Loving You, Or Perhaps Her, Or Maybe Her…

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Wanting to love a woman again - the off parentLet’s not get sexist or objectifying here… Oh wait, I think the titty bar blew that concept a while back.

Let’s go ahead and look at the possibilities in the possibilities that are exciting by the mere existence of their potential.

My view this morning, having coffee and getting some online work done. The potential in the view from where I sit: see illustration.

There are a lot of beautiful things in this shot. The green wall of plants, the activity and buzz of having coffee/breakfast in a public place, WITH GOOD WIFI! And all that is well and good, but now I’m going to point the finger right back at myself and my NEED.

Here are a few of the points of light that I see, that you may be unaware or uninterested in.

WFM and stalking the beautiful woman

Taking a closer look, I can understand how this exposé will label me as a womanizer, an asshole, a predator. BUT… Let me reflect for one second on something D.H. Lawrence wrote about the beauty of a young girl in a bathing suit. It was not that he was sexually attracted to her, it was that he was reverent of the beauty that God had created in this perfect, happy creature. With that, here’s my non-erogenous zone map from the picture above.

And that’s it. I didn’t approach her. I didn’t need anything from her or from the situation. But I was smiling inside at the potential of the morning. In the world there is this beauty. And it exists without me having to do anything but notice. And she smiled at me as she left the table. And the moment is done.


The Off Parent

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