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A Road Trip to Fantasy and a Drive Home to Reality

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This amazing woman hit me on my OK Cupid profile last week. She was very attractive, funny, spiritual, and very confident. After our initial ice breaker email she asked, “So you came to my profile page. Why didn’t you contact me?”

“Simple. Your 187 miles away.”

“That’s it?”

“Pretty much.”

Thus entered our “sorting it out” phase. And I willingly fell into a 2 hour chat session online with this spiritual kali who was recently returned from India and Haiti and other amazing parts in between.

Jump cut to yesterday.

speeding towards her

But even at 110 mph it takes about 3 hours to drive there. And I’m not very fond of this city. The drive is B O R I N G. So along the way I had a few things to think about. What in the world was I do driving to Dallas? And was this woman I was going to meet, in the habit of manifesting men from within a 150 mile radius. She was quite glowing in her photos.

So I came up with this little matrix, sort of a “how would I evaluate the next lover” SWOT analysis.

Trying to zone in on my next LOVER

At the Jack in a Box I began to come back to earth on my rapid quest. Where this woman fell was somewhere closer to the spiritual over physical. (I do too.) And what our 150-mile-away lunch date would fill in was the details of the other axis easy/stable vs flexible/need.

There are certainly some other variables that are not on the matrix. [+] positive, [-] negative, and [+/-] mixed.

  • [+/-] reminds me of someone
  • [+] sparkles/spiritual glow/magic
  • [-] drugs/alcohol
  • [-] too self-centered
  • [-] never married/no kids

Here’s what I learned. I AM in the mood for a relationship. I am not afraid to quest off in some random direction to see what develops. BUT. The trip to Dallas was more about me than it was about the woman. I love driving. I had a little space to get flexible. And zoom I’m off.

She was nice, but she wasn’t the maiden I was looking for.


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