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strange horizons


a. easy escape for us

b. afternoon fires

c. i am i

d. unanswered letters

e. shooting arrows at the moon

f. dark falling

g. dateless

h. physics between us

i. calling all lovers

j. love will find us

k. resonance

l. she surrounds me now

m. somewhere she’s laughing

n. dialing back desire

o. the distance

p. all around me are smiles

q. just imagine

r. she says yes

s. what if i

t. virtual check-in

u. a grasp at a dream

v. v 2 m

w. in her little toe i find and expression of love

x. entwine and twirl

y. the hunger

z. and know i love you

aa. the girl the girl the girl

bb. along the beach

cc. more than a love poem

dd. her surrounding love

ee. mvd2.0

ff. loving you in many distant cities

gg. i can only tell you how much i love you in two languages

hh. alone for the day

ii. in my blue bedroom

jj. it’s me and the coffee cup today 

kk. love loving love

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