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Looking for the Ring: Am I a Hound Dog Now?

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blue shirted woman, with a ring onSo she’s sitting a few booths away with a friend. She’s got on a bright blue top that makes her blue eyes pop electrically. NICE!

And the glitter on her finger is rather sparkly as well. Damn!

So I didn’t used to be this way. But these days, I’m actually actively looking at women’s ring fingers. It’s not like I’m after them. It’s not like I’m really a hound dog. Or…

I am in the hunt again. For what I do not know. But the critical finger on the left hand is now a shining focus. Odd. It feels kind of like a game. And of course that’s not to say that the ring means things are great in their relationship. But if they DON’T have a ring on…

Well… then I am free to flirt at will.


The Off Parent


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