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she is on the other side of the window

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she is nearby - poetry[from a coffee love letter - poetry]

 she is beautiful
 she is feeling older
 she should be loved
 i could tell her, touch her, be
 a tonic
 to tiredness
 to ennui
 to feeling less
 i could ask her
 i could bring her
i breathe nearby
 she would not understand
 still i watch her
 through the glass
 and I want
i want
i am in love with loving her
 i am in love with this feeling
 i guess
 i am in love
i know
she is an object of affection
 she is beautiful
 she is my imagination
 of the lazy kisses
 of a gray day
 like this day
 where we do nothing
 but kiss
 and cuddle
 until we must get up
 to find food
i know
she isn't the one i'm looking for
 i don't know that
 but I know
 she is beautiful
 and that is enough
that is enough for now

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