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“If You Leave Me I’ll Have Nothing,” she said.

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my ex-wife's tearsBefore the divorce was even in the picture, my still-wife was crying. I asked her what she was tripping about.

She proceeded to tell me that she would have nothing if I left her. That there wasn’t enough retirement money put away, she didn’t make enough money, my family wouldn’t help her… And if anything happened to me, she would be destitute.

In the moment I did not understand her concern. My absence was not on my radar. So what exactly was she talking about. Of course she would be taken care of. My mom would help provide for the kids. There would be life insurance. She would be fine.

NOW… Of course, perhaps she was saying something else all together. It wasn’t about my demise, it was about my departure. My departure from the family life we had been building for over 10 years. It seriously didn’t compute for me.

Was that blind love, dumb love, or blind faith? What ever it was it was dead wrong.


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