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I’m Getting a Divorce: Changing My Facebook Status

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Going to Single on Facebook

The Facebook relationship status change today says it all. MY-NAME-HERE’s relationship status has changed from “married” to “it’s complicated.” How’s that for subtle? It’s actually less complicated for the change. We are merely transitioning. It’s not like I’m in another relationship or anything, but “single” really felt odd. So… Complicated, yes, that sounds about right.

And with those words, the world of my little family changes forever. With the parting of the rings (the opposite of joining by rings) a wonderful mad rush of parenting and loving comes to a transforming moment. We now are joined in co-parenting, to support and uphold the other’s integrity for the sake of our two children.

This is all I have to say of the matter. We are no longer sad or bitter. We never really argued about much. And in this transformation, we are doing it very cooperatively.

So I wish my co-parent well and look forward to still being there as DAD forever.

Friends, don’t fret this change, things are always changing, and we will continue to be the cool people we were before we married, and still so much richer for the journey.


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I'm Getting A Divorce - Watch Your Fingers

“Watch your fingers!”


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