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perhaps you were a cat from another country

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cat from another country - divorce poem

 [from The Black Pages – poetry]

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the cat’s tail rubbing across my leg as he heads back into the new house
somewhere I picked that habit up myself, stroke, pat, brush, touch
perhaps you were a cat from another country, where casual touch led to violence
maybe it was fear, or even an unknowing of yourself and the things that made you happy

touching is reconnecting
a happy touch is fulfilling in itself
oh, my cat buries his entire body in my chest, like a small writhing fur coat
and i too have the capacity for emersion and merging, we know it when we feel it
perhaps you had been hurt before, and maybe even I did things that closed you more

now the cat and I exchange love, a cat you’ll never know
thanks for the kids, you’re a proud mom, and you are a great mom
and my incessant need for connection will be met elsewhere

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